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When to post on social media

According to this infographic the best days and times to publish a blog post are Monday to Thursday between 8am and 1pm so we just made the cut off time!

It is important to know that the times you update your social media profile can affect sales, traffic and link click-through rates. We like to think that the best time is when people are on their devices, whether that’s the morning commute or lunch time, during office or school hours has been proven to be the most active time for social users.

You must create separate strategies for each social media outlet and we suggest the following approach:

1. Create a Social Media Time Schedule

Frequency – Min 1-2 posts/day
Timing – Morning commute (8-9am) or lunch time posts are ideal (12-1pm)

2. Clarify Your Social Media Goals and Objectives, for example:

Drive brand awareness
Drive traffic to the website
Increase new web acquisition
Increase web sales

3. Outline Your Approach

Variety of news, promotions, product launches, exclusives, discounts, questions, giveaways, competitions & ‘inside’ the brand

4. Constant Competitor Following

Skywire can work with you to set-up and define your social channels and strategy as well as put together a content plan.