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Sustainable Fashion Week is held across the UK and internationally for the first time, to “massive success”

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October 5, 2023
Oct 2, 2023

Sustainable Fashion Week is held across the UK and internationally for the first time, to “massive success” 

The conversation around fashion sustainability isn’t going anyway any time soon – and indeed, is only intensifying. So, it shouldn’t be a massive surprise to many observers that the recent Sustainable Fashion Week (SFW) in Brighton and elsewhere was well-received, during the first running of the event where activities were not limited to just one location. 

The showcase is running from 25th September until 8th October, and is enabling environmentally-minded fashionistas to partake in a host of activities such as panel talks, sewing workshops, and – of course – runway shows. 

And especially significantly this year, SFW events have been happening both across the UK and internationally, helping to get even more people thinking about how they can engage with stylish clothing in ways that are gentler on the planet. 

Hundreds of people have reportedly attended SFW events 

According to a report by The Independent, hundreds of people attended events as part of the latest Sustainable Fashion Week. 

Although SFW was established in 2020 by Bristol-based Amelia Twine, the event this year has been taking place in eight different UK towns – including the likes of Brighton, Frome, Manchester, and Bradford – as well as locations in the United States, Papua New Guinea, and India. 

As also mentioned in the digital newspaper’s report, organisers of the Brighton hub declared the event to have been a “massive success”, with more than 600 people having visited by the afternoon. 

In the words of co-organiser Susie Deadman, who is also director of the community interest group Sew Fabulous: “When we started [Sew Fabulous] 10 years ago, we were quite unusual in our approach, there weren’t that many people talking about sustainability. 

“10 years on, and we have watched it grow. In terms of Sustainable Fashion Week, we are riding the wave now of public opinion, and we all want to change it.”

 “The ReWear Revolution”: far from a mere mantra 

The theme of this year’s SFW is The ReWear Revolution, which helps draw attention to the importance of recycled clothing in bolstering the sustainability of the fashion landscape. 

It is a theme that is aimed at challenging the status quo and highlighting what is possible on the high street, with the community being encouraged to extend the lifecycle of clothes they already own, and to alter their perspective on fashion. 

As Ms Twine put it: “Fashion is now recognised as something you consume that has a serious impact on the environment. The British Fashion Council has said that we have enough clothing on the planet to dress the next six generations.”  

She added that the organisers of SFW wanted to “make sure people discovering a fabulous second-hand item, or repairing or remodelling one of their existing pieces, enjoy that same rush they get when they buy something new.” 

Certainly, in our own position as a strategic and digital marketing agency for fashion brands here at Skywire London, it is a conversation that we are pleased to see happening, and that we will continue to watch closely. 

For a more in-depth conversation about how our London-based, but internationally minded experts can help your brand with its efforts to grow in the fashion, lifestyle, or luxury sectors, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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