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Up-and-coming brands pull out all the stops to impress at Taipei Fashion Week

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May 29, 2024
May 10, 2024

The Taiwanese capital of Taipei recently played host to Taipei Fashion Week AW24, with a series of shows, exhibitions, and events running from 25th to 28th April.

Many of the clothes and accessories paraded at the Taipei Fashion Week venue — Songshan Cultural and Creative Park — reflected contemporary developments on the fashion scene as well as in the wider world, including the Paris 2024 Olympics and the climate crisis.

As a lifestyle marketing agency here at Skywire London, we know that many of your own target customers’ priorities could be very much in line with those highlighted on the Taipei runways. So, you could benefit immensely from reading about how your fashion brand’s competitors are reaching out to this same market.

Awesome athleticism 

One of the biggest competitions on the sporting calendar this year is, of course, the 2024 Summer Olympics, set to be held in Paris from 26th July to 11th August.

One theme that strongly permeated Taipei Fashion Week AW24 was the Cultural Olympiad. This artistic and cultural programme kicked off in summer 2022 and is still ongoing, serving as a prelude to the 2024 Summer Olympics and intended to finish in September 2024.

At Taipei Fashion Week’s opening show on 25th April, six groups of designers took inspiration from the Cultural Olympiad’s concept by infusing fashion with athleticism in fresh and fun ways.

Sustainability touches 

The launch-day show was also a showcase for styles from several emerging designer brands. Among them was C JEAN — which, with its “Sound of Freedom” concept based on classical mythology, showed off pieces produced with recycled marine waste.

Similarly, STORY WEAR has sought new purposes for waste from the textile industry chain. Given the French setting of the upcoming Summer Olympics, it is fitting that STORY WEAR’s own collection on display also paid tribute to the French Revolution ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Innovation and creativity 

These are words that could pop into your head particularly often when you pore your eyes over many of the pieces that broke cover at Taipei Fashion Week.

Indeed, many designers have been singularly determined to find creative solutions for contemporary issues. Arguably the most serious such challenge in modern times is climate change, but SYZYGY is one brand to have taken an unorthodox approach to design in its pursuit of eco fashion.

There is also a lot of creativity involved in weaving together references to sport and culture in ways that come across as harmonious rather than jarring. However, JUST IN XX has proved itself more than up to this test with its 2024 Olympics extended collection.

Meanwhile, SYZYGY has taken stylistic cues from celestial phenomena — with, for example, comet tails forming star knots. 

If you are wondering how to portray your brand’s own fashion offerings to best effect in support of your business’s growth throughout 2024 and beyond, please don’t be afraid to email our lifestyle marketing agency via


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