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Three of the most impactful looks at Paris Fashion Week

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February 9, 2024
Jan 31, 2024

When Paris Fashion Week rolls around, the world almost comes to a standstill. This is because Paris has long been one of the cities for haute couture, and treats fashion as an innovative art form. As soon as Paris takes to the catwalk, it seems that an outpouring of craftsmanship like never-before-seen washes over the planet. 

That is to say, some of the most impactful looks can be found at Paris Fashion Week, worn by celebrities and models alike. When we consider the latest looks from the jaw-dropping menswear autumn/winter 2024/2025 and haute couture spring/summer 2024 editions, such a statement has never been truer. 

See the three most impactful looks this season for yourself, as outlined by Skywire London, a leading digital marketing agency for fashion brands.  

  1. Dior’s Nureyev-inspired presentation

This Paris Fashion Week, the Dior presentation was strongly influenced by Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev – a man regarded as the best dancer of his time, but also as a master of “flamboyance, insolence and elegance.” 

The most stand-out piece in Dior’s Nureyev-inspired section was surely the silver, shimmery uchikake kimono inspired by one from Nureyev’s very own vintage collection. Soft, jewel-toned and taking 10 artisans over three months to complete, it was a piece to which very few others displayed this season could compare. 

  1. Naomi Campbell’s Balmain surrealist look

Naomi Campbell closed the Balmain show this season, and in our professional opinion, her look was unequivocally impactful. Campbell already has the virtue of being a household name with a truly iconic silhouette; combined with Balmain’s recent venture into glamorous surrealism, we can’t forget her cutting figure topped with a Balmain gold surrealist bouquet. 

Worn before a sleek neutral cashmere jacket, there was no better way to demonstrate loud luxury this Paris Fashion Week

  1. Zendaya’s Schiaparelli Couture

Zendaya and Law Roach are the fashion duo to beat. Yet again, Roach styled Zendaya perfectly in Schiaparelli Couture for their spring/summer 2024 runway show in Paris. 

Pairing a black Schiaparelli dress – long, elegant train included – with a turtleneck top boasting pronounced 3D pieces down its sleeves, Zendaya presented the best of Schiaparelli’s style this year: modern couture, with the perfect blend of high-tech features and heritage. Her baby bangs and Louboutin heels completed the inspiring look. 

At Skywire London, we are an innovative, creative, and strategic digital marketing agency for fashion, lifestyle, and luxury brands. As part of our work, we keep abreast of the ins and outs of the latest trends that may shape our clients’ approaches to achieving sustained growth through 2024 and beyond.  

If you would like expert advice and help in relation to curating a brand as impactful as those mentioned above, please feel free to connect with us. 


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