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3 things that marked out September 2023’s London Fashion Week

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October 5, 2023
Sep 23, 2023

The coming of another September means the staging of another fashion extravaganza in the UK capital, and a host of new sharp shows and chic looks to capture the attention and admiration of luxe branding specialists the world over. 

Yes, we’re talking about the latest edition of London Fashion Week, which put a spotlight on spring-summer 2024 styles from 15th to 19th September. 

But what were just some of the talking points and aesthetics that the latest LFW is likely to be remembered for in weeks, months, and even years to come? 

Vogue World was held in London for the first time 

Following its inaugural showcase in New York last year, Vogue’s travelling celebration of style and culture took place in London for the first time on 14th September 2023, effectively kicking off the broader LFW with a befittingly theatrical West End production at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. 

Those who wished to immerse themselves in the best of British fashion and culture – and be reminded in the process of just how well the UK does catwalk-redefining aesthetics – were certainly in the right place. 

Unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of big, and even bigger, names in attendance for the one-hour showcase. Featured in the production itself were the likes of FKA Twigs, Stormzy, and supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Cindy Crawford. Meanwhile, British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful, Kate Winslet, and Victoria Beckham also made appearances at what the Evening Standard hailed as “London’s answer to New York’s Met Gala”. 

Fresh protests drawing further attention to the sustainability debate 

In our online news pages here at Skywire London, our luxe branding specialists and growth experts have frequently touched on the subject of what fashion brands can do to better protect the only planet Earth we have. 

And it is fair to say that at recent fashion weeks around the globe, imaginative and determined protestors have done much to ensure such discussions do not fade from the headlines. 

In the case of this autumn’s LFW, a group of “naked” men and women gathered outside the capital’s Somerset House in the run-up to the event, carrying placards with messages such as “I’d rather be nude than buy new”, and “Think why before you buy”. 

The protestors were underlining what they perceived to be the fashion week’s role in promoting overconsumption and unnecessary waste, and the adverse impact on the environment that arises from cyclical and seasonal fashion trends. 

Instead, the participants argued, there needed to be a greater emphasis on second-hand items in the fashion world. 

Hannah Rouch from Gumtree, which staged the protest, argued: “We have a collective responsibility to put at end to ‘wear it once’ culture once and for all… we need the world’s leading fashion brands – those that are showcasing at London Fashion Week – to fire imaginations and showcase the style credentials of pre-loved pieces.” 

Whether London Fashion Week has the edge over its international counterparts 

Yes, it might be an inevitably interminable debate – or at least, will be for as long as the London, New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks all exist – but you can be sure that a fair few of the world’s luxe branding specialists and their clients will be participating in it. 

The headlines were once again aflicker with comment pieces on LFW’s continuing triumphs – including by Dylan Jones for the Evening Standard, who argued that “London is where it’s at, principally because we have always been good at tradition and good at rebellion.” 

And Mr Jones’ take coincided with a piece by The Guardian’s deputy fashion and lifestyle editor Chloe Mac Donnell, declaring that the UK capital’s fashion had “conquered the world”

There is, then, still a lot of reason for optimism among London fashion’s “class of ‘23”, even if certain economic and political headwinds remain undeniable. For a more in-depth discussion of how our own strategic growth experts and luxe branding specialists can help get your brand pointed in the right direction for success over the fashion year to come – and beyond – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us


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