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New collection of top African fashion designers is launched in Cape Town

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January 5, 2024
Dec 20, 2023

African design talent is not merely “up and coming”; it is already firmly playing a major role in the global fashion scene. This was certainly the message convincingly communicated at the very first fashion runway show to be hosted by the organisers of Fashion Week Studio Inc. International, on the evening of Sunday 2nd December. 

As reported by the South African edition of Woman & Home magazine, the event at Cape Town’s Mount Nelson Hotel launched the Pan-African Luxury Group, a collection of some of the continent’s premier designers that is also set to be presented in New York City, Paris, and Milan during 2024.

 Directing the runway show was the Los Angeles-based fashion curator, runway director, film producer, author, and CEO, Amélie Pimont. With Pimont’s entrance into the fashion world having been with the production of fashion shows for Fashion Week Studio Inc. in Paris, Milan, and New York City, there is much excitement over the innovation, collaboration, and support that she fosters for both emerging and established designers in Africa and other parts of the world. 

What does the Pan-African Luxury Group set out to achieve? 

Speaking at the Cape Town event in the company of fashion icons, Nathanaëlle Hottois Galetlole – the founder and owner of Fashion Week Studio Inc. – made clear that the objective of the launch was to introduce African designers as contributors of luxury fashion to the world. 

She said that the aim was to present leading African design talent not as beggars nor “upcoming”, but instead as a complete brand producing internationally renowned and iconic pieces for the global stage. 

Those expectations were very much lived up to by the showcased designers, namely Keke Moeca, Jessica Jane, Christopher Emefiele, and Safiètou Seck. Their collections put the spotlight on such qualities as timeless style, meticulous precision, and utter luxury.

Such a combination of aesthetic and design strengths made it unsurprising that as these accomplished creatives left the room, they were honoured with a standing ovation from some of Europe’s leading fashion buyers, fashion curators, and entrepreneurs who had made the trip to South Africa. 

What lies ahead for Fashion Week Studio Inc. and these exciting designers? 

As Nathanaëlle explained: “We have three upcoming shows to prepare for 2024, starting in Paris, Milan, then New York and through the Pan-African Luxury Group launch, we hope to pave the way for more African designers to showcase their work to the world.” 

Those are developments that we will certainly anticipate with great interest here at Skywire London, as Africa’s fashion talent continues to exert remarkable influence and inspire admiration among key figures in the European and global fashion space. 

If you have recently been marvelling at our own luxury creative portfolio, and are curious as to the ways in which our skills and knowhow could help power forward your brand’s expansion in this ever-competitive sector, please feel free to enquire to our creative, digital, and strategic professionals today. With our assistance, 2024 could be the next big chapter in our fashion brand’s success story. 


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