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Billie Eilish talks up second-hand fashion at climate-focused event

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September 18, 2023
Aug 31, 2023

We’re sure that many decision-makers in the fashion, luxury, and lifestyle worlds that are reading this, will agree with us that almost anything that can be done to draw attention to the urgent need for more sustainable clothing practices, will almost certainly be a “good thing”. 

So, it heartened us to read that such a high-profile cultural figure as singer Billie Eilish has been sharing her thoughts lately about what helps to make sustainable fashion so great. 

As reported by The Independent, the Grammy Award-winning artist was speaking at the climate-focused event she co-founded, Overheated. She stated that she enjoyed the freedom of feeling “naturally inspired” when shopping for second-hand clothing, instead of trying to follow fashion trends. 

“I like the freedom of just being inspired because I’m naturally inspired” 

Speaking to her mother and campaigner Maggie Baird at the event – which took place at Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace in London in late August – the 21-year-old highlighted the benefits that come with “thrifting” (the term used in the US in reference to second-hand clothes shopping). 

She explained: “The thing with stores that are making new stuff, they’re making it to be specifically for this kind of style. 

“What I like about the freedom of thrifting is that nobody’s telling you ‘Here’s the section that’s the girly and here’s the section that’s boyish and here’s the section that is fancy and here’s a section that’s casual’. It’s just all there and so it’s up to you to decide whatever you want to decide. 

“I get really bothered when things are forced upon me, and I like the freedom of just feeling inspired because I’m naturally inspired.” 

Eilish’s mother revealed that the singer and her producer brother, Finneas, grew up on clothing that had been handed down, and pieces purchased from second-hand outlets. 

Meanwhile, the artist herself said that to this day, she was someone who continuously re-wore clothing items, although she added that she understood people sometimes feeling “insecure” about doing so when they were in the public eye. 

The Overheated event was hosted by the BBC’s Abbie McCarthy, and involved panel discussions on climate change in which climate activists, musicians, and other leading voices participated. 

Sustainability is established at the centre of the fashion conversation – and rightly so 

The fashion sector’s responsibility to the only planet Earth we have has never been more intensely talked about than it is now, and for extremely good reason. The climate emergency simply cannot wait for meaningful action at some undefined point down the line. With all this in mind, words like those of Eilish are crucial for keeping this conversation at the forefront, as it needs to be.

As we have frequently written about ourselves in the past here at Skywire London, today’s clothing consumers are often exceedingly sustainability minded. There is, then, clearly an acute need for fashion brands to bear this in mind – and to respond accordingly in terms of not only their messaging, but also every other aspect of their operations. 

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