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Mobile Accounts for Half of UK eCommerce Transactions

Last week marketing tech firm Criteo released a report revealing mobile makes up nearly half (48.9%) of UK ecommerce sales. In addition to that, the fashion and luxury industry are the most advanced UK retail industry with 55 percent of all ecommerce transactions taking place on mobile.

This data just scratches the surface in how smartphones have transformed the retail experience. The traditional linear journey consumers take has begun to mutate. Increasingly that linear journey has begun to twist, turn and loop back as consumers take their shopping journey in-store, online and onto mobile platforms. Today over a third (39%) of UK ecommerce transactions span multiple devices along the path to purchase. Because of this, brands that are able to provide a fluid movement across mediums will find greater success as consumer expectations heighten in a mobile-centric environment.

“Consumers now expect a highly personalised experience at all stages of the purchase journey” said Jon Buss, Managing Director, Northern Europe, Criteo. “With mobile now accounting for almost half of all ecommerce transactions in the UK, the successful retailers will be those who can target people rather than devices, delivering tailored and personal shopping experiences that span digital and in-store.”

Skywire has found this to be reflective in our fashion and luxury clients with many client sites surpassing the 50% mark in mobile traffic. We make mobile responsiveness a key factor in our site designs, striking a balance between functionality and design. A responsive design which allows for seamless mobile use includes a variety of factors to consider. Such factors include uncluttered navigation, swipeable product images, and an easy view checkout. Some of our client work displayed above, include Derek Rose, Stewart Parvin and Asprey.

Additionally our clients have incorporated their website within their stores, creating more touch points and adapting a more fluid path to purchase. For example, our client ME+EM provides a tablet in-store so customers can check online availability and make ecommerce purchases should an item not be available for purchase in-store.

Tablet mobile in-store ME and EM

If you are a fashion or luxury brand then mobile responsiveness is no longer optional for a successful website so please contact us directly with any questions or enquiries at We look forward to hearing from you.

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