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Video Marketing

How Brands Are Joining The Fight

In this short summary we look at the efforts brands are making to fight the coronavirus. Nike & New Ballance Both athletic brands have moved towards mask manufacturing for both medical staff in hospitals around the world and patients. Nike has also pledged $2 million aimed at helping communities affected by the pandemic locally, regionally and globally….

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016 for luxury brands

Another year has passed and we have already been noticing the world of digital marketing making more and more changes and it is only half way through January. Skywire have put together our top picks of luxury digital marketing trends that will carry us through 2016. So here we go… Storytelling – It is no…

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The Power of Video Marketing

Online video marketing is not a force to be reckoned with. Videos now appear in 70% of the top results in search engines and a whopping 64-85% of viewers are likely to buy after watching that product video. This is no surprise with so many mobile apps and compatible technologies, such the global conglomerate YouTube…

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