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Philippe Model

The Philippe Model Paris brand has its roots in the creative genius of the French designer and artist of the same name who has earned himself a leading position amongst the great names of fashion in the world.

De Beers diamonds
De Beers diamonds
De Beers diamonds
Philippe Model
Branding / Influencer / Social Media

Launched UK & US Markets.

We had already helped Philippe Model conquer key European markets including Italy, France & Germany. Having grown the revenue by a record 80% YOY through a comprehensive digital acquisition strategy, the CEO of Philippe Model then requested us to develop a strategy to grow the brand in the USA and UK markets in preparation for continued expansion in 2019.

We used a mixture of brand building content strategically placed across key influencers and social media to generate awareness in the brand and then DR and CRM to ensure we maximised sales from the awareness created.

  • Branding
  • Influencer
  • Social Media
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