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Competing UK fashion trade fairs, Pure London and JATC, combine for February 2024 edition

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October 5, 2023
Aug 17, 2023

The fashion trade fair Pure London, and its smaller rival Just Around The Corner (JATC), have joined forces to create Pure London x Just Around The Corner, the first edition of which is set to take place at Olympia London from 11th to 13th February 2024. 

This development is a momentous one for many a fashion-oriented digital agency in London and the clients of such agencies, given the high industry profile that both events already enjoyed separately. 

Olympia London is the usual venue for Pure London, and it is Pure London’s established organiser, the events company Hyve Group, that will run Pure London x JATC. 

By contrast, JATC has a northern-focused demographic, and typically holds two events annually: one in London and another in Manchester. JATC was only established in 2018, but has already made a strong impression on the industry. 

What has driven the decision to merge these two fashion events? 

It has been reported that the new partnership between JATC and Pure London arose due to a mutual wish to boost the offer and reach of these two already well-regarded trade fairs. 

Hyve Group said that the newly blended event would offer buyers a “transformed show with an increased number of inspirational fashion designers and brands”. 

Meanwhile, Gloria Sandrucci – event director for Pure London x Just Around The Corner – commented that “by uniting with JATC and with Pure London’s 25-year history, the combined teams can pool their expertise, resources, and network to create the leading fashion trade show experience, meeting the needs of buyers and offering the very best collection of brands under one iconic roof at Olympia London.” 

With the international fashion market undoubtedly a greatly competitive one, it appears that competing trade fairs are becoming increasingly convinced of the merits of joining forces in order to bolster their standing. 

Indeed, only earlier this year, the Danish fashion fairs Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) and Revolver also merged, with their first combined show taking place in August 2023. 

Very much backing up this conclusion, Pure London x JATC creative director Juls Dawson stated that the industry had long demanded a streamlined trade show calendar. She said that she was excited to introduce a “new era for the community and create a compelling, inclusive, and unified platform for the industry.” 

There will be more than a few highlights for the world’s fashion audiences 

Pure London x Just Around The Corner has indicated that fashion buyers attending the upcoming event can expect fresh and inspirational selections from more than 300 selected brands, categorised into distinct sectors in order to provide a “seamless and cohesive buying experience.”

It is anticipated that the layout of the London venue will receive a makeover, with all womenswear being consolidated, including the new Launchpad section for up-and-coming womenswear designers. 

Guests will also reportedly be able to look forward to the best in women’s and men’s accessories and footwear brands, as well as men’s apparel and the “together zone”, the latter throwing the spotlight on brands that have genderless or dual-gender collections. 

Certainly, this particular digital agency in London can’t wait to see how the inaugural Pure London x Just Around The Corner manifests in practice. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about how our own experts can support your fashion, lifestyle, or luxury brand’s growth into 2024 and far beyond that, we would be pleased to receive your enquiry


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