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5 fashion trends to keep an eye out for in the autumn of 2023

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July 25, 2023
Jul 25, 2023

As autumn approaches, it's time to start thinking about what fashion trends you or your brand’s customers may be donning this season. 

Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or something totally new, there are plenty of fall fashion trends to choose from. Indeed, some of them are effectively “returning” trends, and may come as a surprise to those who recognise these looks from first time around. 

From the championing of understated luxury to the rise (or should that be fall?) of low waist belts, here are five autumn 2023 style trends that any fashion or luxury brands marketing agency ought to be aware of. 

  1. Understated luxury

According to the experts, the days of loud labels and overstated fashion are on their way out, and being replaced by a quieter, subtle nod to luxury. This season, expect to see labels hidden tastefully, and a nod to classic styles with good tailoring and classic colours.

  1. Scarlet women (and men!)

Barbie mania has swept the globe, but there’s an even hotter colour on the way to fashion in time for the autumn months: a bright, vibrant scarlet. Not only is this dramatic hue a great way to embrace one’s inner femme fatale, but it is also perfect for brightening up an otherwise dull autumn day – we are certainly looking forward to this trend turning heads on every other street this fall. 

  1. Return of the hourglass silhouette

As part of the revival of understated elegance, the classic hourglass silhouette also looks set to sweep the catwalks (and urban catwalks) this autumn. With careful tailoring, fitted forms and cinched-in waists, it’s the perfect aesthetic for looking effortlessly classy and polished even when you are just running out for a pint of milk.

  1. Men (and women!) in black

Another staple of the new season is set to be a wardrobe classic: a long black coat that can go with any outfit. The hemlines are low for this trend; opt for a coat that sweeps the ground for the ultimate dramatic look, and which will bring the added bonus of keeping you cosy as the temperature falls. 

  1. Low waist belts

Children of the Noughties, prepare to feel old; low waist belts have officially made a comeback, and look set to be a key part of every designer's autumn lookbook. Add to a cute dress, or go for the full throwback look with a pair of low-slung jeans as you relive your fashion of times gone by.

Whether your brand is already working alongside a leading fashion, lifestyle, or luxury brands marketing agency, or is on the way to doing so, hopefully, you will be making notes on the emergence (or re-emergence) of styles like the above. 

And if you would appreciate some direct help from such an agency as you plot a path to sustained growth for your brand throughout 2023 and over the years to come, please don’t hesitate; reach out today to our strategic digital experts


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