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3 things you might have noticed about the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week

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October 5, 2023
Aug 11, 2023

It might not be the most high-profile of international fashion weeks, but it is certainly cementing a reputation as one of the most exciting; yes, we’re referring to the SS24 edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week, which took place once again in the ever-chic and innovative Danish capital from 7th to 10th August 2023. 

And what greeted attendees? Well, a fair bit, as it happens, with the Canadian FASHION magazine’s characterisation of CPHFW as “the little fashion week that could” being typical of many respondents. 

So, what were just three aspects of the Spring ’24 running that had the positive reviews flooding in? Below, our luxury ecommerce agency has drawn attention to those little (well, not so little) things that you might have noticed, too. 

Inclusivity, done properly 

The Scandi city might have served up no lack of leading-edge trends for the most recent CPHFW, but one of them was especially undeniable: the represented brands seemed to have read the recent reports of fashion runways actually becoming less inclusive in recent times, and thought, “nah, let’s not do that”. 

This was a fashion week where diversity with regard to gender, age, and ability really was embraced, with zero inclination to apologise for it. It was apparent across such interventions as Ervin Latimmier’s show being narrated by his drag queen alter-ego Anna Conda, and the use of mature models by the likes of OpéraSport and Paolina Russo. 

Sustainability, taken seriously 

CPHFW already put forward its credentials as a trailblazer in this regard with its decision in 2020 to become the first fashion week to enforce sustainability criteria for brands that wished to participate. 

And, well, it wasn’t prepared to declare that “enough” this time around. Forbes reported that during the most recent edition, there was now a requirement for at least half of the collections presented to be crafted from recycled or upcycled materials. 

But there’s more progress to be made from there. British Vogue has said that plans are afoot to ramp up the fashion week’s sustainability standards each year, to “ensure that brands are continually striving to do better, as well as reflecting wider changes within the industry, such as EU legislation coming down the pipeline.” 

Design, bursting with creativity 

On the runway and off the runway, there were reasons to be impressed by Copenhagen Fashion Week, Spring 2024 style. And you can bet that there was no shortage of styles that were as much about pure joy, as they were about exhibiting compliance with the evolving society surrounding them. 

With the key fashion journals picking up on such trends as head-turning Scandi prep shirting, the imaginative use of sequins and glitter, twists on workwear for a post-COVID-19 world, elevated “quiet luxury”, and so many more, it was fair to say that CPHFW continued to force itself into the global fashion conversation in its latest edition. 

The reward for that sheer effort and inventiveness, has been heightened recognition from a broader fashion industry that has been finding the Copenhagen vibe as infectious as ever. 

If that has been the case for you, too, and you are looking to realise your brand’s growth potential in the fashion, luxury, and/or lifestyle sectors in 2024 and beyond, it could hardly be quicker or easier to send an email to our digital and strategic experts right here at Skywire London. 


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