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Shopify launches “Collabs” to bring together merchants and creators

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September 8, 2022
Aug 20, 2022

Shopify launches “Collabs” to bring together merchants and creators 

If you have been thinking of using Shopify as the platform for your luxury brand’s ecommerce activities, or for that matter are already doing so, you might just have been provided with a new incentive in the form of the new “Shopify Collabs” offering.

What is “Shopify Collabs” meant to do? 

Shopify has said that “Collabs” is designed to give creators a new way to earn revenue on the platform, which it does by connecting them with merchants. The Canadian multinational ecommerce company said that Collabs would make it easy for creators to find out about and join forces with independent businesses. 

The process of getting started would certainly seem to be simple enough. Creators can begin by applying for a Shopify Collabs account, after which, they will be able to browse merchants on Shopify that they feel are well-aligned with their own audience. 

The given creator will then be able to partner with the brands that they like, and curate a list of their products to share on social media using Shopify’s link in bio tool, Linkpop. When someone then clicks on that link the creator has shared and purchases the product in question, the creator will be paid. 

What pay structure is used for Shopify Collabs? 

According to a TechCrunch report, the company has confirmed the pay structure for Collabs can vary from merchant to merchant. In addition, creators will apparently be able to receive their money directly through their PayPal account. 

A solution said to have major benefits for merchants and creators alike 

Shopify has drawn much attention to the mutual benefits it has said will arise from Collabs; not only will the feature apparently make monetisation easier for creators, but in the process, independent businesses will also gain a new channel for marketing and sales. 

Merchants will be able to opt-in to Collabs if they wish to make their store discoverable by creators, who in turn, will be able to apply to join the given merchant’s community. From there, Collabs will allow for the straightforward management of the creator-merchant relationship so that the creator has access to all the tools they need, such as unique links and discount codes. 

With Shopify Collabs being built on the Shopify platform itself, it is through the merchant’s Shopify admin that the process will be managed. This will allow for keeping all the vital inventory, order and customer details up to date. 

“With Shopify Collabs, we’re making it simple for creators” 

Shopify’s Product director, Amir Kabbara, stated: “Shopify is where the world’s best independent brands go to build their businesses. With Shopify Collabs, we’re making it simple for creators to discover and partner with these brands so they can make more money and reach economic independence. 

“In the future, Collabs will be fully integrated with Shopify, giving creators access to more parts of our platform and accelerating their journey as entrepreneurs.” 

However, it seems that those in the UK who might be interested in taking advantage of this feature will have to wait. In the meantime, it has already been made available to all merchants in the United States and Canada, with creators in these territories now able to apply on the Shopify website for early access

Are you eager to make the most of the wealth of relevant Shopify features to help power your high-end brand’s success and growth online? In that case, you are very welcome to enquire to our luxury brands marketing agency for a deeper discussion of what could be possible


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