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New United Nations reports set out what the fashion world can do to reduce its carbon footprint

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September 18, 2023
Aug 20, 2023

The global fashion industry’s moves towards genuinely enhanced sustainability are continuing to gather pace. One recent development in this direction has been the release of two new reports by the United Nations (UN) Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, with the intention being to help fashion-sector players grasp what steps they can take to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

Indeed, there is an emphasis in the reports on measures encompassing the entire spectrum of raw material activities. 

Throwing her weight behind the reports, Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu – Senior Engagement Lead at UN Climate Change – has declared them to be essential resources for those seeking to comprehend impact information in relation to the fashion and clothing industry. 

Why are these reports ones that fashion-industry stakeholders should take seriously? 

One reason why those involved in today’s fashion sector should be taking notice of these latest UN reports, is because they are more in-depth than the 2021 paper, Identifying Low Carbon Sources of Cotton and Polyester

The most recent reports take a closer look at the raw material fields of animal fibres and manmade cellulosics, which play a major role in fashion around the world. 

These documents constitute authoritative archives, giving extensive insights into the most recent greenhouse gas effect statistics across a number of raw material categories. At the same time, the papers describe both gaps and issues. 

An entity of considerable importance in this regard is the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Launched with UN Climate Change’s backing in 2018, the Fashion Charter sets out a course for achieving net-zero emissions across the industry by the middle of this century, in accordance with global aspirations to prevent warming beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

Fashion Charter members will therefore find the new UN reports greatly useful to their efforts to devise plans for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

It was the non-profit organisation, Textile Exchange, that spearheaded these gap-analysis reports’ development, alongside the Fashion Charter’s Raw Material Working Group. However, there was also significant input from such prominent signatories as Lenzing, VF Corporation, Primark, Canopy, Schneider Group, and Fabrikology. 

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