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Net-a-Porter is the latest brand helping to make thrift darn cool

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March 1, 2023
Feb 15, 2023

It is no secret that fashion cannot exist in a bubble; the trends and triumphs of the catwalk are always a direct reflection of the world of their conception, and the mood of society and the designs of the latest season’s lookbooks are inextricably connected. 

In recent years, this symbiotic relationship has seen a significant shift in the mood of the consumer towards concern about fast fashion, unethical production, and the impact of creation on the wider planet. 

We have seen a noticeable shift towards more eco-conscious practices and designs, with a focus on sustainable material, long-term consumption, and higher quality pieces.

‘Make do and mend’ could intensify in relevance in 2023 

While “make do and mend” is a movement that has been in motion for a while, luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter looks set to take the mindset to a new level with the launch of its first-ever dedicated customer care and repair service. This will include the brand working in partnership with clothing alteration and repair experts The Seam to encourage consumers to keep their clothes for longer – even if they are not quite right.

The “Repair and Rewear” scheme is focused on offering customer alterations and repairs to clothing, footwear, handbags, and jewellery, as well as the option for unique, bespoke customisations to help create the perfect pieces. The goal is to create a “culture of care”, reduce waste, and discourage the “throwaway” culture that has become all too prevalent in fashion in recent years, instead encouraging fashion fans to keep their prized pieces for as long as possible.

The service is currently live for womenswear in the UK, with Mr Porter and The Outnet set to offer the scheme by the spring of 2023. Alterations and repairs will take around seven to 10 days to complete, although an express service is offered “subject to availability”, allowing the customer to cover last-minute fashion emergencies without having to buy something brand new.

Final thoughts

The collaboration marks another step in the expansion of services at Net-a-Porter and its related brands, and focuses on taking a deeper look at the relationship that exists between customers and the products that they purchase and consume. 

This scheme also follows the expansion of the brand’s resale offering, which sees customers given a platform to sell pre-loved items. Both initiatives cement Net-a-Porter’s commitment to prioritising eco-friendly solutions at the core of its brand messaging.

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