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GQ targets Web3 audiences with its move onto Discord – but what does it all mean? 

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July 12, 2022
Jul 4, 2022

Have you yet started to formulate a coherent Web3 strategy for your own brand? The chances are that for many, their answer to that question will be a flat “no”. However, some inspiration may be forthcoming from the latest step taken by the men’s magazine, GQ, into the metaverse. 

As reported by the fellow Condé Nast-owned title, Vogue Business, GQ has made the decision to establish a presence on the social platform Discord. But what are the reasons for this, and what can we expect from the brand’s broader Web3 strategy going forward?

Magazine aims to appeal to ‘early adopters’ of Web3 

While much of the conversation about Web3 and precisely what will be entailed in many brands’ engagement with it has only just gathered serious momentum recently, it is intriguing to see an entity like GQ take this bold a step. 

Describing the setting up of the new Discord server – which will be called GQ3 – as “the first step in the Condé Nast-owned title’s Web3 strategy”, Vogue Business reported that GQ was making such a move into the metaverse “to discuss hot topics, share daily ‘fits’ and give followers access to forthcoming project drops.” 

The Vogue Business report added that GQ was looking to use the Discord server to “tap into the platform’s growing streetwear and sneakerhead audiences, which overlap with GQ readers’ interests.” 

“We are throwing a party… and you are invited” 

Although Discord started life as a chat platform for gamers, in more recent times it has become known for its streetwear and sneaker communities, as well as NFT collectors and those curious about all things crypto. 

In the words of GQ’s executive director of global audience development and social media, Joel Pavelski: “The way that we are thinking about it is we are throwing a party, GQ is the host, Discord is the venue and you are invited. 

“It kept coming from the audience: they really deeply care about GQ writers, editors and photographers, and getting to know them and getting to understand the process, so we are looking for ways to foster more of that and set ourselves up for experimenting with our NFT, Web3 and metaverse future.” 

Vogue Business further reported that the first 1,000 members to join would be granted an “OG” role giving them first dibs on future giveaways and drops, and would also have the chance to connect their NFT wallets, which raises the prospect of possible future NFT drops. 

Although the server will be United States-centric, enthusiasts from across the world will be able to access it, with Pavelski suggesting that there could eventually be language-specific channels. In the meantime, channels will be hosted by GQ3 for the likes of daily outfit “fit checks” and “style in the wild”, which will draw attention to celebrity fashion. 

Pavelski also said there would be special sections for certain members, with the possibility of this being extended in the future – for instance, to holders of NFTs. 

Insisting that the project is “not a one-way self-promotion firehose”, he expressed his hopes that the consumers of GQ content such as long-form articles, reviews and interviews would head to Discord to “see what other people who care about style and fashion are saying about this. Hopefully it will form a deeper ability to have more of an experience around that, versus reading a story and bouncing out.” 

Web3: it’s not just about GQ 

Are we excited about what the GQ3 server’s developments and prospects could mean for Web3 strategy initiatives being put in place by all manner of other brands in the luxury and fashion sectors? You can bet we are. 

And if you are fascinated to learn how your own organisation could support its growth with its own fledgling involvement in Web3, our team here at Skywire London would be happy to have that conversation with you about the technology’s abundant potential. 



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