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Alibaba marks fifth anniversary of Tmall Luxury Pavilion with metaverse upgrades

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October 19, 2022
Oct 1, 2022

The present moment continues to be a big one for high-end and fashion brands’ involvement in Web3. As reported by InternetRetailing, Chinese mega-marketplace Alibaba has acknowledged the fifth anniversary of the launch of its Tmall Luxury Pavilion platform by introducing a variety of metaverse-based improvements. 

What are Alibaba and Tmall Luxury Pavilion? 

Alibaba is an online platform that connects China’s manufacturers and wholesalers to individuals and businesses around the world that are seeking to trade or resell. Users purchase products via the platform for their business with a view to using or reselling them, or they register to be a supplier with the right to use Alibaba as a selling platform. 

Tmall Luxury Platform, meanwhile, is a luxury platform that Alibaba launched in 2017, as a means of connecting desirable brands from across the globe to shoppers in China. The service has proved to be a roaring success, with increasing numbers of Chinese customers using it to buy high-end items, and more than 200 luxury brands now signed up to be present on the site. 

What are these latest enhancements, and what is their significance? 

Alibaba Group revealed via its Alizila news site that it was “multiplying the ways that luxury brands can connect with China’s affluent shoppers in the metaverse with a series of digital upgrades and events” during September. 

The company said that such developments included Tmall Luxury Pavilion hosting an augmented reality (AR) fashion show and introducing a Meta Pass, the latter a means of conferring priority digital access to the products of brands ranging from Burberry to Bogner. 

This month also saw luxury executives in Shanghai attend an awards ceremony and explore an exhibition on extended reality (XR), in a preview of the future of retail. 

This latest news doesn’t mark the first time Tmall Luxury Pavilion has engaged with the metaverse. Indeed, as Alizila noted, recent years have seen it already deploy 3D shopping, AR, and virtual reality (VR) try-ons for products, digital avatars, and digital collectibles. 

Nonetheless, the development marks another stage in the evolution of Tmall Luxury Pavilion, which saw a 153% increase in its customer numbers between 2019 and 2021, and which – since the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival last November – has seen 21 luxury brands release 37 digital collections on its platform. Indeed, some 3,500 consumers have also claimed digital collections. 

In the words of Janet Wang, head of Tmall Luxury Pavilion: “Today, Tmall Luxury Pavilion has grown into the largest online destination in China to host over 200 luxury brands from the five major luxury groups. This is the destination for Chinese consumers to interact with brands, to browse, to experience the brands. 

“We’re introducing a whole new metaverse experience, including MetaPass, AR fashion shows and extended reality experience so that the consumers can enter an immersive virtual world of luxury. We do believe metaverse is going to be a game changer.” 

How could we help your own high-end brand realise its ambitions in the years to come? 

With our global, growth-oriented focus as a luxury digital marketing agency, we stand ready here at Skywire London to inspire, guide, and support your brand to sustained success in the fashion, lifestyle, or luxury sector. For a more in-depth conversation on precisely how we may work with you to achieve this, please don’t hesitate to enquire to our highly capable and seasoned team


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