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Willberry Wonder Pony Charity

Earlier this year we were approached to create a new ecommerce enabled and responsive website for a charity called Willberry Wonder Pony (Registered Charity No: 1166416) and it was obvious from the start we wanted to take the project on. Willberry Wonder Pony is a young charity founded and inspired by a brave girl named Hannah Francis.

Hannah Francis charity

Hannah Francis


Hannah was a passionate eventing rider with aspirations to one day ride professionally. Those plans all changed when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer in her pelvis at just 17 years old. When she was first diagnosed she was given a soft toy horse called Willberry. Willberry would become her constant companion and go everywhere with her and have many adventures together. With the help of her family, she started a charity called Willberry Wonder Pony, to help other people who were seriously ill through her passion, horses.

Willberry Wonder Pony charity

Willberry, in his now iconic red scarf, is the mascot of Willberry Wonder Pony


The charity aims to support vital research for osteosarcoma and to grant equine related wishes to seriously ill people and their family. Donations have poured in through people’s generosity and ingenuity from cake sales to climbing mountains to racing man versus horse across Snowdonia. The charity also sells merchandise to raise money which includes wristbands that say #kickingcancersbutt, womenswear, menswear and equine equipment, all which can be ordered online on their new Skywire designed and programmed Shopify site at

charity site desktop

charity site tablet mobile

Since Hannah’s passing the Willberry Wonder Pony Charity has grown exponentially and their most recent exciting development is the introduction and selling of Berry ponies. Now anyone can own their own Berry pony – a descendant of the original Willberry – and register her/him with the charity on a specially designed ‘Register Your Pony’ webpage by Skywire. The Berry Ponies have proved immensely popular, the bulk of them are sold at various equine events but 800 were kept to sell online, which sold out in 3 hours! Skywire even have two new additions to the office – GlastonBerry and CharlieBerry.

charity berry ponies

CharlieBerry (left) and GlastonBerry (right) with their proud owners.


Getting to work with the Willbery Wonder Pony team has been an amazing experience. Learning of Hannah’s bravery and selfless giving is a story that everyone should know and we are excited to continue our work with the charity as they continue to grow, expand and work to continue #kickingcancersbutt.

If you would like to learn more or donate to Willberry Wonder Pony please click here.

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