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TikTok x Walmart

Christmas Countdown Checklist!

It's that time of the year again and we're expecting Christmas and the Holiday season to be huge online this year so make sure you have all your features, campaigns, assets and timings planned well in advance.

To help you with your planning we've put together this handy topline checklist. Get in touch if you have any other great tips to share with our community and we'll do so in our monthly updates.
February 11, 2021
Feb 8, 2021

What is it?

TikTok developed an extra smart algorithm detecting what you’re watching and within moments, serve more of the same, as you interact with it. It’s more powerful than typical algorithms thanks to the extensive range of sources of data it grabs, including your location, likes and even favourite emojis...

....and they built this just to serve you videos to watch.

Walmart recognised the power of this algorithmic form of content delivery and partnered with TikTok to do the first online clothing sale using their platform. However, as opposed to using data to serve videos of millennials miming to Post Malone while wearing the cat, it serves fashion ideas to suit your tastes.

And the kicker? when they see something they like, they're able to shop right in the TikTok app.

Why does it matter?

Simply because it suggests a move to a place where shopping for your brand no longer takes place solely on your website - or your distributor’s. It can take place on a platform you have zero control over, bar the products themselves.

Think of it like recording artists on Spotify. They have no idea of other artists they are in playlists with and they don’t know when someone has shared their music with someone else, but they do know that more people are listening to them than if they weren’t on it.

When you consider, more people are on TikTok (800m users worldwide) than your website and your distributor’s, it begins to seem logical to take Muhammed to the mountain. This is truly shopping in a social sense.

Learn more...

A full report can be found on Walmart’s website

And the Tech Crunch review


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