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Tie-up between Copenhagen Fashion Week and Drest enables fashionistas to virtually try on the latest styles

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October 5, 2023
Aug 1, 2023

The luxury mobile style game Drest might not strictly be Web3-enabled – or at least, not yet – but a new collaboration with Scandinavia’s biggest fashion event is seeing it incorporate Web3 elements. 

Indeed, it is a move that could provide inspiration to various other fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands that might still be considering what form their own future Web3 strategy could take. 

What is involved in the link-up between the two leading fashion entities? 

As reported by Decrypt and elsewhere, the new association between Drest and Copenhagen Fashion Week means that, with effect from Monday 7th until Saturday 12th August, fans of all things sartorial can use the game to style avatars and assemble streetwear outfits. 

The partnership will also see the spotlight thrown on a variety of Nordic brands such as Remain, Cecilie Bahnsen, Stine Goya, and Ganni. The incorporation of brand storytelling and custom digital backdrops showing some of Denmark’s most iconic sites, is sure to further inspire the most committed and future-oriented fashionistas. 

Through immersive daily in-game challenges, attendees of the fashion showcase will be able to flaunt their creativity and feel even closer to all the glamour and allure of the world of high-end apparel. 

Sharp looks, but also equally strong sustainability credentials 

Drest founder and CEO, Lucy Yeomans – formerly editor-in-chief of Net-a-Porter magazine Porter and Harper’s Bazaar UK – explained to Decrypt that Copenhagen Fashion Week represented “a fantastic opportunity for us to allow our audience to discover these purpose-led brands.” 

She explained that aesthetic appeal was only part of Drest’s thinking when it came to the decision to associate itself with the twice-yearly international fashion event. 

“The brands showing all have very strong sustainability credentials,” she said, adding: “We were really drawn by this element.” 

Each challenge that the game contains is constructed around a brief to style a model avatar, drawing upon real-life luxury brands and real-world events. The player subsequently completes a challenge, and the community votes for the final look.

As Ms Yeomans puts it: “Our brand partners value the high level of creative execution within the game and the fact that through gaming, they can reach a wider, and highly engaged, audience.”

 Our team at Skywire London certainly doesn’t doubt that – and we are more than impressed to see the stellar journey that Drest has already undergone since its establishment in 2019. As digital and strategic professionals who have more than a passing interest in the finer points of Web3 strategy ourselves, we can only wish Drest further sustained success. 

In the meantime, if your own high-end, fashion, or lifestyle brand is looking to fine-tune or even outright revamp its approach in order to put itself on a path to growth, why look further than our own experts? We would be pleased to hear from you when you reach out to our London-based team.


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