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The SYKY Collective inaugural class for 2023 has now been revealed

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July 12, 2023
Jun 25, 2023

Many a lifestyle, luxury, or fashion brand that is looking to conceive or finetune a Web3 strategy, has good reason to look to the initiatives of SYKY and the associated SYKY Collective. 

While the former is a marketplace through which Web3 designers can present their work and collectors can find out about new pieces, the SYKY Collective is a cohort of 10 talented digital designers that SYKY expects to revolutionise the industry. 

But exactly who are those exciting up-and-coming designers? Well, in late June, the inaugural SYKY Collective lineup of digital fashion innovators was unveiled. 

Recent times have been seriously exciting ones for SYKY – and digital fashion as a whole 

The Web3 and digital fashion space is an exceedingly fast-moving one, and SYKY’s swift rise to prominence is as sure a demonstration of this as any. 

Having only been launched as recently as November 2022 as a blockchain-based platform that sought to bridge the divide between fast-rising digital talent, the mainstream fashion sector, and consumers, SYKY closed its Series A funding round in January 2023. In the process, the platform gained vital support from venture capital firm Seven Seven Six. 

Such investment was key to SYKY’s ambitions to help shape the future of fashion across the digital, physical, and augmented worlds – and now, such ambitions are taking more concrete forms. 

The incubator programme known as SYKY Collective is one such form, throwing the spotlight on a highly promising group of visionary digital fashion designers. Members of the debut cohort include: 

  • Fanrui Sun 
  • Pet Ligier
  • Nextberries
  • Taskin Goec
  • Stephy Fung 
  • GlitchOfMind
  • Jacqueline Jade
  • Felipe Fiallo
  • Calvyn Justus
  • Gustavo Toledo 

The artists making up the cohort are set to be guided and mentored by such industry leaders as British Fashion Council CEO, Caroline Rush; Jonathan Bottomley, CMO of Calvin Klein; Mark Guiducci, Vogue’s Creative Editorial Director; and Megan Kaspar, who founded Red DAO. 

SYKY’s own founder and CEO, Alice Delahunt, said of her excitement about the programme: “This process has reaffirmed that SYKY is on the path to building something extraordinary.” 

On a backdrop of the international digital fashion market now being worth over $300 billion, it is fair to say there are high expectations for the debut collections that will emerge from SYKY Collective. Those collections are expected to appear on later in 2023, and will serve as an important showcase of the member artists’ creativity and innovation. 

What about your own high-end brand’s growth prospects during 2023 – and beyond? 

If you are a participant in the lifestyle, luxury, or fashion spaces with high aspirations for your brand through the months and years to come, now could be the right moment to enquire to Skywire London’s digital and strategic specialists. 

Our experts can play a key role in powering forward your brand’s growth, drawing upon our skills and knowhow in ecommerce, technology, Web3 strategy, and so much more. Simply reach out to our team in the UK capital today to find out more about what could be possible. 


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