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SYKY launches “Collective” incubator programme for up-and-coming digital designers

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May 19, 2023
Apr 22, 2023

The advancement of luxury fashion’s Web3 era is continuing apace, with the news that the high-end fashion platform SYKY is introducing an incubator programme to help get today’s emerging design talent off the ground. 

The thinking behind the scheme is to help bring the worlds of luxury fashion, digital design and Web3 together, while breaking down the traditional entry barriers for ambitious young designers. 

The programme has been dubbed “the SYKY Collective”, and for its first cohort, 10 designers will be selected during an open application period. Those fortunate enough to be chosen will participate in a year-long incubator that will serve as a powerful launchpad, empowering the digital designers with new models for creating, scaling, and distributing their collections. 

Each year, the programme will take in a new group of designers, who will get the chance to inaugurate their own fashion house, in addition to benefitting from support and consultation provided by industry mentors. 

Those taking up mentoring roles for the “SYKY Collective” this year include leading executives and creatives from the likes of Calvin Klein, Vogue, the British Fashion Council, and Web3-native players. 

Nor will the supported participants even be limited to the year-long curriculum and mentorship, as they will also enjoy access to fashion industry events, special brand collaborations, and the chance to showcase their collections on the SYKY platform. 

“The next generation of major luxury houses are designing in digital worlds today” 

SYKY founder and CEO Alice Delahunt explained: “SYKY believes that the next generation of luxury fashion designers are global, exist at the intersection of physical and digital realms, and are leveraging technology to decentralise the fashion industry. 

“We believe that the next generation of major luxury houses are designing in digital worlds today, and that the SYKY Collective will be the launchpad of many of these next-generation luxury fashion houses.” 

At the time of typing, applications to become one of the inaugural cohort of designers are now open, and will close on 2nd May 2023. The first 10 designers for the programme will be announced in early June, with the incubator then getting underway at the end of that month. 

With SYKY itself having only been launched in 2022, the introduction of this exciting new incubator for emerging designers represents just the latest stage of the Web3 platform’s stunningly brisk rise.

In the intervening time, SYKY has closed a Series A funding round, led by venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, in addition to launching its ‘Keystone’ collection, which is a membership pass for fashion aficionados, leaders, and collectors. 

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