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Shopify Boost in Q4 2021

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February 25, 2022
Feb 22, 2022

Shopify numbers see a boost in the fourth quarter of 2021 

At the beginning of the holiday season of 2021, many businesses faced the fear of an unremarkable Christmas. But not Shopify, as our own Shopify agency for high-end brands notes with interest. 

Shopify saw a huge increase in sales 

On the weekend of Black Friday through to Cyber Monday in December 2021, Shopify’s sales amounted to $6.3 billion. This is according to Shopify’s official quarterly and annual report, which came out on 16th February. This is a huge $1.2 billion increase on the same period in 2020, which totalled $5.1 billion. 

The same can be said for the overall takings during the three-month period of Q4, of which the revenue totalled $1.38 billion, increasing by 41% on Q4 in 2020. During this period, merchant solutions revenue increased annually by 47% to $1,028.8 billion, and monthly recurring revenue increased 23% to $102 million – the first time it has ever passed $100 million.

However, this isn’t a one-off – there is a reason why Shopify has defied the same fate that other sellers fell victim to during Q4 of 2021. In fact, Shopify has been steadily growing its sales quarter on quarter for the past couple of years, which the president of the company, Harley Finkelstein, called “extraordinary”.

Subscriptions also boomed 

In one year alone, subscriptions to Shopify have risen by 26%, amounting to $351.2 million. One of the biggest contributors to this is that many more, popular, high-end sellers have begun to utilise the platform over the past year. 

Shopify has shot to popularity in recent times with merchants and buyers alike. Using a Shopify agency for high-end brands can also make the process more streamlined and hassle-free, as you can rely on the support and expertise of both the platform itself and the agency. 

Even better, everything was carbon offset 

While Shopify’s sales and subscriptions certainly increased, its carbon footprint did not. Over the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Shopify invested in the equivalent amount of carbon removal to that created by the shipping of products on its platform.  

Work with a Shopify agency 

Selling on Shopify gives independent brands the opportunity to expand exponentially, going from selling in their local town to every corner of the globe. When you work with a Shopify agency for high-end brands, this platform can transform your sales process for the ecommerce space. 

We have extensive experience in working as a Shopify agency for high-end brands. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can assist you. 


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