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Pinterest for eCommerce

Christmas Countdown Checklist!

It's that time of the year again and we're expecting Christmas and the Holiday season to be huge online this year so make sure you have all your features, campaigns, assets and timings planned well in advance.

To help you with your planning we've put together this handy topline checklist. Get in touch if you have any other great tips to share with our community and we'll do so in our monthly updates.
June 16, 2020
Apr 29, 2016
Pinterest for eCommerce

It goes without saying that social media is now a required staple for online retailers competing in today’s market. No matter what the social platform is, posts that include an image will receive more views, likes and shares. This had made Pinterest’s image-centric platform of inspiration boards one the fastest growing social media networks.

Pinterest can act as a digital shop window for retailers’ e-commerce stores but its uses go far beyond this. We recently revamped our own Skywire Pinterestas a way to showcase our diverse portfolio of work. With the ability to embed pins with URLs directly to product pages or blog posts, Pinterest is a top performer in click through rates and driving traffic to your website. If you’re hesitant to make Pinterest part of your social media strategy consider these stats:

  1. Pinterest has 100 million monthly active users
  2. Pinterest users are more likely to follow retail brands over Facebook and Twitter users
  3. Pinterest generates more sales per click with the average order value 126% higher than Facebook users’ average order values
  4. Content on Pinterest has a much longer life span of one week, compared to Facebook where the average content is only 80 minutes.

Like all social media platforms, Pinterest requires a well thought out strategy in order to get the best results. Check out the infographic to better understand the best days and times to Pin, sales stats and shopping behaviour, top categories on Pinterest and more!

You can find more interesting infographics and articles about Pinterest and other social media platforms on Shortstack’s blog. Shortstack is a great platform Skywire uses to build social competitions for clients such as NUXE Skincare.


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