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Phygital show during London Fashion Week highlights the emerging possibilities for digital clothing

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May 19, 2023
Mar 10, 2023

Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st February saw the return of London Fashion Week – and brought with it a closer look at the exciting potential of the fast-developing era of digital fashion. 

Of particular interest for many observers looking to devise an effective Web3 or blockchain strategy for their own brand, will have been the phygital fashion show that was held at the Swiss Church on the UK capital’s Endell Street. 

The mixed-reality show – put on display at the Covent Garden venue thanks to a partnership between talent support programme On/Off and metaverse platform Brand New Vision (BNV) – helped draw attention to a number of designers’ digital wearables. 

Augmented reality (AR) holds considerable promise in the world of fashion 

Style aficionados who entered the building were greeted with a ‘real-time’ fashion show, featuring models walking next to their avatars in an interactive runway. 

The event’s aim was to demonstrate to attendees the relevance and applicability of augmented reality (AR) for fashion, and the new perspectives arising from this. The show featured three designers – Taskin Geoc, Oscar Keen, and Valaclava – who are already established talents from the phygital space. 

Each of the participating designers put forward their own interpretation of digital fashion through three items of clothing, available through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

BNV launched the digital assets for sale at the event, with the garments remaining available to buy for a limited time via a ‘mystery box’, which also offered access to in-person and virtual benefits. 

“We are already the product of a mixed reality” 

Taskin Geoc, a digital fashion designer and conceptual artist based in Berlin, said of the thinking behind the project: “We are already the product of a mixed reality: online and offline identities are inseparable (but the fashion industry has not made great efforts to create radical new concepts that reflect this). 

“Therefore, the revolutionary quality of this show is that it makes a truly contemporary proposition: fashion that reflects how we simultaneously live in digital and physical reality.” 

Is your own high-end brand looking to tap into some of the possibilities that a well-formulated Web3 or blockchain strategy could present? If so, Skywire London can lend its multi-platform expertise to your organisation’s campaigns to support your growth ambitions for the months and years ahead. 

Reach out to us now to learn more about the digital excellence we could help deliver for your brand in 2023. 


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