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Klaviyo becomes the recommended email solution partner for Shopify Plus

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August 16, 2022
Aug 12, 2022

Many a fashion, luxury or lifestyle business presently working with a dedicated Shopify agency for high-end brands, will have reason to take an interest in the announcement of a new “strategic partnership” between Shopify and Klaviyo. 

What’s involved in the new “partnership”? 

The new “product partnership” between the Canadian multinational ecommerce firm Shopify and the marketing automation company Klaviyo will see Shopify make what has been described as “a strategic investment in Klaviyo to build upon the long-term collaboration between the platforms.” 

As part of the agreement, Klaviyo will gain the status of recommended email solution partner for Shopify Plus, which is the plan Shopify offers for merchants with higher-volume sales, and who therefore require a greater level of functionality, scalability and support than is available from the base-level version of Shopify. 

The enhanced collaboration will also mean Klaviyo receiving early access to new Shopify development features, which a press release announcing the news said would help the two parties “accelerate critical new technologies designed to help merchants navigate recent shifts in online marketing.” 

Building on an established association between the two brands 

It should be noted, of course, that this latest partnership hardly represents the first time Shopify and Klaviyo have been linked. The Klaviyo solution is already available in the Shopify App Store, and Klaviyo indicated that it expected the new partnership to “further strengthen opportunities for merchants to deepen customer relationships amidst a dynamic marketing environment.” 

The features and benefits of Klaviyo’s customer platform include its unification of customer journey data under a single solution, and the accessibility and actionability of this data, which enables marketers to draw upon it in their efforts to acquire, enchant, and retain customers. 

Klaviyo co-founder and CEO, Andrew Bialecki, commented: “Our goal has always been to understand our customers (and their biggest challenges) and build the most loved product that solves those challenges. 

“Partnerships with leading platforms like Shopify that share our values and mission are crucial to how we help solve those challenges creators and brands face. We’re excited about what this continued partnership represents for our customers.” 

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, stated: “Klaviyo is a shining example of the outsized impact Shopify’s app and partner ecosystem can have on the next generation of commerce solutions for independent brands. 

“Klaviyo has become invaluable to hundreds of thousands of merchants to help them better understand their customers and engage them in highly personalised ways across so many touchpoints. 

“Klaviyo’s success has been astounding, and we’re excited to take this next step in our already robust partnership to make it even easier for Shopify merchants to grow their businesses.” 

Would you like to know more about how the Shopify-Klaviyo connection could aid your own business in its efforts to grow during 2022 and for many more years to come? If so, you could be well-advised to get in touch with our own Shopify agency for high-end brands here at Skywire London; we’ll help you plot the best possible path ahead for your firm in the luxury sector.  


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