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Istanbul Fashion Connection presents solutions to help bolster the industry’s sustainability

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July 12, 2023
Jun 15, 2023

Istanbul Fashion Connection, or IFCO, is known to be Europe's largest fashion fair. From 9th to 11th August 2023, the event will hold its fourth edition, and attendees can expect a big focus on sustainability. 

IFCO 2023 will bring together industry experts, designers, and buyers from across the globe, showcasing more than 400 exhibitors, across six halls. In the process, the event is set to reinforce its status as a platform of fundamental importance for the fashion sector. 

This year, IFCO is anticipating an impressive 30,000 visitors from more than 100 countries across the world – so, many a lifestyle marketing agency like ourselves will be keeping a close eye on it. 

What can attendees expect from IFCO 2023? 

IFCO is organised by ITKIB Fairs, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association. The fair has built a formidable reputation as a key hub for fashion connoisseurs, experts, designers, and buyers alike. 

At this year’s event, those attendees will be able to see much of the best in the current fashion and apparel industry, encompassing such key product categories as womenswear, menswear, children’s clothing, denim, sportswear, bridal wear, lingerie, and much more. 

Brands set to feature at the event, meanwhile, include the likes of Climber, İpekyol, Kiğılı, Damat, and B&G Store. It is anticipated that many of these brands will come to the fair in order to build on their existing international connections, and to explore how they might be able to work with manufacturers in Turkey. 

As aforementioned, though, sustainability is expected to be a particular focus at IFCO this year, not least thanks to the presence of the Istabul-based sustainability laboratory Ekoteks, which will present exciting developments in sustainable production. 

Turkey has a formidable textile and apparel industry infrastructure, which caters to high-street fashion brands as well as small designer labels. Businesses in this key gateway between Europe and Asia offer services such as fabric sourcing, prototype advancement, and quality control. Along with this, Turkey’s manufacturers offer the benefits of high quality, fast delivery times, and competitive pricing, making them an attractive choice for brands. 

IFCO also expects to present a special exhibition called The Core Istanbul, to showcase the distinctive creations of well-known Turkish designers who have won recognition across the world for their collections gracing noteworthy catwalks, such as Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The country’s designers draw upon the rich cultural heritage of Turkey itself in their innovative styles. 

On top of that, the fashion fair is set to offer guests special invitation programmes, and opportunities such as B2B Speed Dating, allowing for strong business connections to be formed between brands, manufacturers, buyers, and industry professionals. 

IFCO aims to offer a platform for the fashion industry to shine a spotlight on the most recent trends and innovations. The event has become a critical point of contact for key players in the international fashion industry to get together and consider exciting new directions for this ever-changing industry. 

Partner with the experts in lifestyle, luxury, and fashion who can guide your business’s growth 

As fresh innovations and ideas continue to unfold across the global fashion landscape, it will be vital for your own brand in this intensely competitive sector to keep pace with the latest developments – and even better, to adapt to and master them. 

To help give your own fashion brand the right sense of direction in 2023 and beyond, you shouldn’t compromise with your choice of lifestyle marketing agency. So why not reach out today to the UK-based, but global-minded Skywire London team


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