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Is this the standard for new brand launches?

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August 1, 2020
Aug 1, 2020

The lines between advertising and entertainment are becoming increasingly blurred. Once it was absolutely clear what it was a brand was selling - a product or service, and they spoke about that and that alone. There may have been the odd embellishment or celebrity endorsement to assist in its trajectory into the homes of consumers, here and there but by and large, you got it.

Today, it’s different.

Last month saw the launch of One/Size a new beauty brand by Patrick Starr (for the uninitiated, Starr is a makeup artist who found fame and following through social media for his outlandish, opinionated style; go see. It’s Marmite). So far so normal, a ‘celebrity’ makeup artist launching their own range right?

Not quite.

What Starr is actually doing is building more of an entertainment channel as well as brand. While his influence and fan base builds, he uses the Glossier model to develop products in line with the conversations he's having. It’s smart, and obvious in some ways, but increasingly the new way that brands are launching online.

The crazy bit is the brand's first product video (which by the way isn’t make up, it’s just wipes to REMOVE makeup) which bears greater resemblance to a pop music video than product advertising. Beginning with a short life story, building to a crescendo of half naked dancers, neon lights and water flying everywhere - it's quite the spectacle. Madonna (if she were watching) would tip her hat.

While it doesn’t currently boast a staggering number of views, (270k at the time of writing), it’s an interesting, highly creative approach for something which - on the face of it (no pun intended) is a relatively insignificant purchase.

With MAC behind him, it’ll clearly be something they will have researched fully and have the budget to throw at it. Whether this is just a smart way to create something new which takes advantage of the current hype around make up, or a genuinely unique product, we may never know, but we do know, he'll have to sell a lot of wet wipes to pay for a video like this... Good luck to him.

Watch the Go Off Official Music Video Here!


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