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Fashion-sector bodies join forces for sustainable supply alliance

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July 12, 2023
Jun 20, 2023

A joint initiative has been put in motion by two significant fashion-industry bodies, with the aim of accelerating decarbonisation across the fashion industry. A major point of focus for the new partnership will be suppliers across multiple tiers. 

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and the Apparel Impact Institute (AII) are the organisations behind the move. 

The first of those independent bodies seeks to help make sustainability possible through the measurement, evaluation, and improvement of performance, while the AII identifies, funds, scales, and measures environmental-impact solutions in the apparel and footwear industries. 

What will the new alliance involve? 

The two organisations have said that the fashion sector needs to lower emissions by a minimum of 43% by the end of this decade, compared to 2019 levels, and at least 60% by 2035. 

With this ambition at the forefront, the new collaboration will entail the SAC and AII working with each other across a number of key areas. These will include efforts to unlock finance in order to drive decarbonisation, as well as the establishment of a standard journey for suppliers, manufacturers, and brands for setting impact targets. 

The new sustainability-focused alliance will also see the two bodies work on the creation of action plans, and the tracking of climate-related achievements and industry engagement, on reporting and data sharing. 

Two more fashion-sector bodies set up to further assist in sustainability 

As part of the partnership, an agreement has been made to support the establishment of two more fashion-sector bodies. These are:

  • The Climate Solutions Portfolio (CSP), which will serve as a registry for proven carbon-reduction solutions
  • The Fashion Climate Fund (FCF), a body that will raise funds around carbon emissions in supply chains across supplier tiers. 

“The potential positive impact is huge” 

According to recent comments by Frank Appel, who is now the Chairman of Deutsche Telekom but was DHL CEO at the time of speaking, of all sectors, fashion has strong potential to play a pioneering role in driving circular supply-chain models. 

Appel had commented: “Circularity is the likeliest source of complementary strategies that address the impact of both emissions and waste.

“It is consumer goods – particularly fashion and electronics – that merit a closer look. The presence of these industries in our lives is nearly universal. The potential positive impact is huge.” 

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