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Debut Tech for Fashion event considers how the tech and fashion spheres intersect

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July 12, 2023
Jun 10, 2023

There are many advantages of using technology to assist in the transformation of how fashion brands operate and achieve growth. While the fashion industry is already well-known for being creative and setting trends, it is also impressive how thoroughly it is revamping itself for the 2020s through the infusion of technology. 

Traditional practices are now being challenged, and disruptive innovations are helping to move the fashion industry into a new era of sustainable fashion. 

With all of this in mind, and as reported by Just Style, on 15th June, a global tech firm held its debut Tech for Fashion event in Amsterdam. The conference served as an important platform for fashion organisations, industry leaders and tech lovers to explore the ever-evolving relationship between technology and fashion. 

What were the highlights of the event? 

From the use of more sustainable materials to embracing virtual reality (VR), attendees of the event discussed and explored a range of disciplines and possibilities that will reshape our perception and engagement with fashion in the years ahead. 

A highlight of the Tech for Fashion event was the presentation on cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques. Work was showcased by pioneers who demonstrated how they are using technology to produce sustainable alternatives to time-honoured fabrics. This involved exploring biodegradable textiles and upcycled materials.

These new solutions will give fashion companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and cater to the rising demand for sustainable fashion among consumers. 

In addition, the event explored VR and augmented reality (AR). The event showcased how these new technologies can be accessed by customers, enabling them to interact with fashion through the use of virtual showrooms and try-on rooms. 

Such immersive tech will surely come to play a much more fundamental role in the fashion world in the years ahead, bridging the best qualities of the physical and digital spheres. 

Extracting the potential of new technologies like VR and AR will help transform the shopping experience for customers, who will be able to virtually try on clothes and play around with a variety of styles before deciding whether to make a purchase. 

Data-driven personalisation, too, is swiftly gaining in prominence in the fashion industry. By making use of customer data to deliver tailor-made interactions, fashion brands can be sure of providing more relevant and compelling experiences to shoppers, thereby also helping to build customer loyalty. 

The conference revealed much about technology’s immense potential for setting out the future of the fashion industry. By taking advantage of innovative materials, leveraging VR and AR solutions, and getting the best out of the power of data, the fashion industry can bolster its sustainability, at the same time as providing more personalised and immersive shopping experiences for customers. 

Creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation can help open up an exciting future for your fashion brand 

As events like Tech for Fashion continue to play their important role in instigating and reshaping conversations around fashion and technology, it is crucial for your own firm in the high-end, lifestyle, or fashion sector to consider how it can optimise its growth prospects. 

Our team of strategic and digital professionals here at Skywire London is on hand to assist you in achieving precisely that. To learn more about our services and expertise as a leading luxury digital marketing consultancy, please don’t hesitate to enquire to us today


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