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Cordings Website Refresh

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June 16, 2020
Aug 1, 2017

Cordings of Piccadilly are one of Skywire’s longest standing clients and are globally known for their quintessentially British country clothing and tailoring. In November 2016, we collaborated with the Cordings team to give their ecommerce site a fresh new look and bring the design and functionality up to date and in line with modern day best practices.

The overall aim of the new site was to gain 20% growth in terms of revenue over the next year by making improvements to the site’s responsiveness, navigation, homepage, category pages and product pages and adding some brand new features to the site. Since last year there has already been a 125% increase in revenue and we are proud to say we’ve well and truly achieved our goal!

We’ve outlined below some before and after shots of the main and key improvements of the site.


What it looked like:

  • Fixed Width
  • Lack of colour, movement and interaction
  • 80% of content did not encourage sales

Website Refresh

  • Fully scalable and responsive
  • Improved UX and product offering
  • Clear key brand messages
  • Portrays the Cordings brand personality and wit
  • Personalised content/best selling product areas


What it looked like:

  • Search field took up too much space
  • No clear lineation of categories
  • Home and Sale were unnecessary
  • Imagery was not labelled or clickable

Website Refresh:

  • Refined category selection
  • Hierarchical order in terms of popularity
  • Content blocks act as additional selling tool
  • Visually appealing

Category Pages

What it looked like

  • Limited filters – Price and size
  • Products listed had one static block
  • Top banner lacked visual appeal and SEO structure

Website Refresh

  • Refined category selection
  • Hierarchical order in terms of popularity
  • Content blocks act as additional selling tool
  • Visually appealing

Product Page

What it looked like

  • Zoom functionality
  • Only a handful of products had shots from all angles
  • YMAL’s had no description and images were too small

Website Refresh

  • Improved product imagery – single most important aspect of CRO
  • Personalised product recommendations/YMAL
  • Key messages to encourage conversions
  • Stock check feature for C&C

As well as refreshing and refining the current website, Skywire introduced a new section called the Cordings World, pictured at the top of the article. This section was built on WordPress and functions as Cordings’ ‘social and brand hub’ where customers can find anything and everything one would want to know about Cordings such as company history, style inspiration and upcoming Cordings’ events and competitions.

Another new feature to the site is the ‘British Style Genius’; an area that both educates customers about the history of most iconic and famous Cordings clothing as well as provides styling examples. Readers can also learn about the the key benefits of the iconic Cordings’ pieces and the unmistakable quality of the materials.

Cordings Style Guide

To see Cordings’ fresh new look and features go to and don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know about the incredible offers and promotions running throughout the year.


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