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March 24, 2021
Feb 10, 2021

What is it?

Clubhouse, the audio-only social app is the talk of the media & tech industries across the globe. When we heard our client Johan Olsson, Founder, and CEO of Roscomar was in the Clubhouse talking about Circular fashion we delved a little more to see how brands can use this relatively new social media app to enhance their business.

Once The “Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat,” App is downloaded, registered users immediately land in a lobby of sorts, where instead of a newsfeed, they see active or upcoming conversations they can join. The platform enjoys an air of exclusivity. While anyone can register and claim a username, these registrations join a waitlist, a virtual velvet rope until sign-ups are opened up. the line if they know someone who’s already registered and willing to give them one of their five invitations. The app is free, available for iOS only. An app for Google Play is under development, but not quite ready yet. Sorry Android users!!!!

With a lineup of A-listers from Oprah Winfrey,  Drake to Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk hosting audio-only calls and participating in conversations, who wouldn’t want to jump on and be a part of this elite group. This is a unique experience and not one that can be found on other social media platforms. 

Why does it matter?

At the end of January, Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk tweeted that he would be on Clubhouse, and the mention drew thousands of listeners on the platform. Days later, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg popped up on the platform to speak at a Clubhouse talk show called “The Good Time Show,” where he touted augmented and virtual reality: “We should be teleporting, not transporting, ourselves,” he said.

Members can host conversations, jump in and out of rooms and DM others. Audience members can also “raise their hand” to speak, so a moderator can allow them to talk. It is another means of networking in an elite circle and within relevant industries.  What we love about Clubhouse is how accessible these high-profile/celebrities are, allowing us the opportunity to engage with our heroes! Conversations are not recorded or archived, speakers may enjoy the opportunity to speak off the cuff allowing the listener to get a true sense of the individual.

The app’s introduction to China hit some obstacles, it has already been banned. The app sparked intense interest and engagement in China, but government censors, unnerved by the accessibility of open debate within and external to its borders, clamped down on the app in February.

How will it impact fashion & the digital world?

Fashion and beauty has arrived on Clubhouse with fashion A-listers, Virgil Abloh, Dapper Dan, and Naomi Campbel. Culture Club, a weekly discussion on streetwear and sneaker culture, has 20,000 followers. Diane von Furstenberg participated in her first Clubhouse chat recently, as did Valentino’s chief brand officer Alessio Vannetti. Brands are still finding their way and currently, the app is portrayed as a networking hub for fashion insiders. 

So far, the most successful brand experiments on Clubhouse have been less about driving consumers to an e-commerce site and more about communicating values. Prabal Gurung and Phillip Lim joined Susie Lau, Tina Craig, Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee and Bryan Yambaoto discuss the #StopAsianHate campaign. Designers/ brands are using it more to get their values across whether it is sustainability, circular fashion, more diversity, and inclusion rather than driving the brand image per se.


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