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Benefits of the latest Google PPC ad change

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July 20, 2020
Mar 17, 2016

With Google’s latest decision to remove their right hand PPC ad positioning, the marketing world is questioning how to make their ads out perform their competitors with fewer positions available.

Well it isn’t all bad. This new change could actually be rather beneficial to all you advertisers out there and here are 4 reasons why.

1. This change only accounts for desktop so any mobile ads will not be affected. This creates huge opportunity to focus on your mobile PPC ad strategy. Also remember the ads at the bottom of the page will still continue to show.

2. If have your PPC ad positioned at the top of the list, expect a rather large increase in CTR, 14 times more in fact. Despite CPC’s and competition are inevitably going to rise, if you get it right, your business is going to a positive impact on site traffic and conversions. If that isn’t much of an incentive for you then I don’t know what is?

3. Those advertisers who manage to sneak into position #4 have been given a beautiful blessing in disguise. Position number 4 is in fact the old organic search position #1, meaning that you will probably get more clicks than any other add due to the ‘out of habit’ spot searchers are used to clicking on.

4. The old and forgotten right hand ads had a fairly limited space in terms of content. The ads above the main search list provide advertisers with more opportunity. Our luxury outdoors and country wear client, Cordings have added in ad extensions and targeted links to encourage searchers to click through to their site rather than any competitors.


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