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Australian Fashion Week Goes Large

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May 23, 2022
May 2, 2022

It may have been running for more than a quarter of a century, but one thing Australian Fashion Week hasn’t had since its establishment in 1996, is a dedicated plus-size runway… until now. 

Elle magazine and other outlets reported that model Robyn Lawley is set to make history as the headliner when she leads other models on the Sydney runway this month. It marks the latest step in the fashion industry’s move towards embracing diversity, resulting from criticism of this fashion week last year. Based on a lack of representation of larger bodies, model Kate Wasley branded size diversity at the event as ‘non-existent’. 

The Future of Extended Sizing

In her headline role for The Curve Edit, Lawley stated: “It will encourage the future of extended sizing in fashion. I am so proud and excited to be part of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week’s first ever exclusively curve runway. Showcasing fashion on a range of bodies is vital to body love and acceptance.” 

The Curve Edit takes place on the fourth day of the fashion week, which runs from 9 - 13 May. Delivered by the size-inclusive Bella Management modelling agency, it will showcase six designers who cater from sizes 12 - 26, including 17 Sundays, Saint Somebody, Vagary, Embody Women, Harlow, and Zaliea Designs. Perhaps in sharp contrast to many designers who show their collections at the fashion week - and don’t make clothing beyond a UK size 12 or 14. But Bella Management CEO, Chelsea Bonner, declared that when she pitched the scope of a plus-size runway to IMG (the events company that owns Australian Fashion Week), they welcomed it with open arms. 

Bonner stated: “We want to ensure that models, whose sizing is reflective of over 80% of Australian women, have the opportunity to walk the runway. This will show that women of every size deserve to be considered and embraced as a forceful and financial demographic in mainstream fashion. Our hope is that by doing so, it will encourage the future of extended sizing in fashion, and celebrate the designers who have embraced our mission.” 

Plus-size Runway Reports

As renowned experts of digital marketing in fashion, Skywire London couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of Australian Fashion Week’s first plus-size runway. While The Curve Edit will be just one of the fifty fashion shows and presentations in Sydney, it promises to be a milestone and a highlight of the event.  

Would you like to learn how we draw upon our fashion digital marketing expertise and experience to help brands achieve greater online impact and growth? Reach out to our team - we’re here to help.



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