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‘Adaptive fashion’ puts forward its ever-continuing relevance

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April 8, 2022
Mar 18, 2022

We're used to constantly hearing about the big next thing set to win over the fashion industry. But if there's one recent trend that is far more than simply a fad, it's undoubtedly the sustained pertinence and triumph of adaptive fashion. 

In only the past few weeks, the non-profit organisation Runway of Dreams further lived up to its objective of maximising inclusion by hosting A Fashion Revolution at the iconic Majestic Downtown in LA. And 'fashion revolution' are the keywords here. 

Since its establishment by fashion designer Mindy Scheier in 2013, Runway of Dreams has played a substantial part in bringing adaptive fashion to the forefront of the catwalk conversation – the latest event being merely the latest stage. 

What is Adaptive Fashion? 

As pointed out by model Danny J. Gomez, a participant in the LA show, the term 'adaptive clothing' is universal to anyone who wears clothes. If a given item doesn't fit quite right, it can simply be adapted or altered in order to achieve a suitable fit. 

Here at Skywire - we love adaptive fashion. Historically, there are some observers who have principally associated 'adaptive fashion' with the notion of designing around the requirements of people with varying degrees of disability. But we believe there shouldn't even be a question of designing around. 

Gomez noted that an event like the Runway of Dreams highlights that fashion should be inclusive for everyone because there isn't a single one of us who doesn't want to look good in clothes. 

LA Models Fashion 

Adaptive clothing incorporates all manner of savvy touches to help achieve true sartorial inclusivity. Think features such as the use of magnets and poppers in place of buttons and zippers that take into account lesser required everyday dexterity. Or, consider footwear that allows a greater space under the tongue, making the putting on and removing of shoes more accessible. 

Such details shouldn't be restricted under the niche banner of adaptive fashion because the notion of clothing being adaptive as a first thought shouldn't be niche at all. And it appears that many well-known luxury fashion brands sponsoring this campaign have heeded that call. Think Tommy Hilfiger, Fenty Beauty, LVMH and more.

 Another model who walked the LA runway, TaMyah Jordan, who is visually impaired, said: "It's very important for me to be a part of this because I'm always being questioned about how I do, what I do, or how it shouldn't be possible. But it is possible. I just have to do things differently." 

If only more of us adopted this principle, the world would be far less complicated. Should you feel the same, or have any questions regarding your slice of the world wide web, Skywire would be delighted to hear from you here


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