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Skywire is now part of Sweden Unlimited (London)

We’re delighted to announce that Skywire have merged with New York based creative agency Sweden Unlimited.

Sweden Unlimited are renowned leaders in the world of luxury fashion ecommerce and design. With an enviable client portfolio and inimitable creativity, it’s with great excitement we partner with such a force to unite creativity and technical ability across the Atlantic.

Who are Sweden Unlimited?

Sweden Unlimited was launched in 1999 by founders Alex Kress, Leja Kress and Richard Agerbeek. The trio began their collaboration in the mid-90s as electronic pop band Sweden, playing the downtown NYC circuit and releasing limited-edition LPs. They gradually evolved into Sweden Unlimited, the digital creative agency, partnering over time with key brands in the fashion and luxury space.

Why the move?

After 14 years serving the luxury, fashion, and lifestyle industries from our London base, we wanted to do more and conquer new territories. We crave new learnings, new approaches and new ways to grow and Sweden offered a natural fit, both commercially and energetically.  

What does it mean to you as a client?

In terms of how we work with you – day to day, very little changes. You may notice some new names and faces as we evolve the relationship, but rest assured the entire Skywire team remains unchanged. There are some new processes in place, bringing more effective leadership and structure to projects, as you’ll discover on our journey’s together.

Introducing: Improved Creative Services

We’ve developed a brand new creative team here in the UK to offer greater depth of thinking and ideas around building your brand online. This includes an ability to offer end to end production of campaigns beginning with conception through to delivery including film and photography.

Introducing: Ecommerce Performance Services

We recognize that no longer is it sufficient to design and develop ecommerce sites without supporting them with ongoing insight into performance. Therefore, we now have a team dedicated to; finding ways to increase conversion, conduct usability tests, analyze data to build customer insights, improve site speed and your search rank. You can read more about those services here.
For further information or any questions you have on the merge, please contact us.