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Skywire Developers Do Mage Titans

Our Development team went to a Magento conference in Manchester this month called Mage Titans.

We heard key speakers from the Magento world – long-time Magento Developer Ben Marks, one of the earliest adopters Vinai Kopp, original core Magento Developer Ivan Chepurnyi and many more.

Open to all, Mage Titans had something for every level of our Magento developers and everyone from our back-end and front-end specialists.

There is a great recap of the slides on the Mage Titans website here

For videos, check out their YouTube channel

Our very own Head of Technical was even labelled ‘Best of the Best’ in a tweet mention to @MageTitans

It was a great weekend up North for our Developers, who were able to learn new things, network with fellow techies across the UK and enjoy a variety of presentations and discussions.

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