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De Beers Jewellery Website Refresh

Skywire took over the De Beers Jewellery Magento website when appointed the lead global web agency in 2016. We completed a website refresh at the end of last year including their navigation, homepage, store locator and appointment booking capabilities.

The old website had an outdated design and usability issues, particularly with the appointment booking function. Our goal with this website refresh was to give De Beers’ website a more luxurious, responsive design as well as improving the customer journey. In addition to the redesign, we built some new features. We added a brand new “All Stores” page which allows customers to view a map of all the De Beers brick and mortar stores across the globe. We also created a Nearest Store hover feature that informs customers which store is closest to them without having to leave the page. See below for a comparison of the website’s ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots, along with the issues we addressed in our design and UX changes.


DeBeers Website Redesign

What it looked like:

  • Fixed screen width
  • Navigation bar was heavy & masculine
  • No fixed header
  • Lack of movement and interactivity
  • Navigation loss on scroll
  • Mobile not optimised
  • Header and social media icons blurry

Website Refresh:

  • Full screen responsive
  • Navigation light and minimalist
  • Added interactive sliders, category images and featured products
  • Fixed header that appears on scroll
  • Mobile optimised
  • Hi-res images and icons


DeBeers Mega Menu RedesignDeBeers Mobile Web Design

What it looked like:

  • ‘Moment in Light’ had no meaning
  • Text heavy mega menu
  • Lack of imagery in mega menu
  • Transparent background was difficult to read
  • Mobile navigation was clumsy
  • Header icons were unclear

Website Refresh:

  • Distinguished between the mega menu headings and categories
  • Balanced text and images in mega menu
  • Easy to read text and background
  • Clear, defined icons
  • Mobile navigation is clean and easy to use

Store Locator

DeBeers Store Locator Redesign

What it looked like:

  • Poor customer journey
  • Functionality focused
  • No individual store page offering
  • Too many buttons visible all at once

Website Refresh:

  • Improved customer journey
  • User experience focused
  • Added individual store pages
  • Redesigned with cleaner look

Booking Pages

DeBeers Booking Appointment

What it looked like:

  • Did not indicate a review of the location, date and time selected
  • Unable to go back and edit
  • No confirmation of booking request submitted
  • No automatic email to customer. Had to wait until store made contact to confirm

Website Refresh:

  • Allow user to edit customer information before submitting
  • Thank you page confirms booking date, time and location
  • Customer receives automatic email confirming booking information request


New FeaturesDeBeers Global Store Page Website Refresh

Global Stores Page

  • A new page was created so customers could easily see the global view of all store locations

DeBeers Website Refresh

Nearest Store

  • Customers are now able to see their closest store simply by hovering over the Locate a Store button

Region Selector Pop-up 

  • Users viewing a regional website that is not the dedicated regional site for their country, where a regional website exists for their country, are prompted with the opportunity to browse on the correct store for their region

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